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ONLINE Services

Online Heat Cost Allocators

Our 4th generation heat cost allocator system uses  on-line data to raise awareness and motivation to save energy. Featuring a two-way radio communication heat cost allocation becomes a practical implementation of smart metering.

Remote Reading of Utility Meters

Monitoring online water, gas, heat and electricity consumption with Cardware's smart metering system, consumers are in a position to make relevant decisions on saving energy and forminimizing environment pollution.

Remote Control of Appliances

Our radio enabled electric (1 and 3 phase) power meter/controller is available in two versions: with and without a remote controlled switch.

Reference Applications
  • Monitoring boiler rooms
  • Smart home heating control
  • Football pitch under  soil heating control
  • Indoor air quality monitoring
  • IoT based Emergency call units for elevators
  • e-paper based online ESL

our  INTERNET OF tHINGS  network components

Wireless Sensor Network Nodes

Sensors and actuators equipped with a two-way radio communication unit in order to cover the controlled area.

Data Repeaters

In order to minimize network tariff costs of the covered area the number of Data Gateways (Hubs) is reduced by introducing Data Repeaters which extend the radio range of Network Nodes.

Data Gateways (Hubs)

Data Gateways (sometimes called Hubs or Concentrators) are devices connected to the commercial network infrastructure.  Our gateways are in charge of the two-way communication with our Database  and Application servers.

Accompanying Software

Our applications are web based, you only need an internet connection to access the data.

News & events


CardWAre joins the NB-IOT community!


The latest member of CardWare's IoT team is the radio enabled e-paper ESL unit compatible with our WSN  communication protocol. Available from December 2018.


In January 2019 CardWare joined the NB-IoT community and have started testing first live applications. 

smart metering for energy saving and healthier environment

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