smart metering of public utility


CardWare’s solution for automatic remote reading of water, heat and gas meters is an effective tool for fighting utility losses.

The solution is based on the online monitoring of all meters in a system, logging in a database and analysing the recorded data.

Detected malfunctions, technical problems or tampering attempts are immediately forwarded to the notification  or alarm platform.

Real-time consumption data
Continuous monitoring of the meter status.
Consumption data stored: one per hour.

Automatic operation
The meter-reading process is fully automatic there is no need for personal presence on site.

Tamper detection
Sabotage attempts are detected by data analysis.

Notifications and alarms
In case of technical problems or sabotage attempts, the SMS or email based notification process is activated.

Web interface
An internet connection and a simple web browser are all that needed to access the database.


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